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What is UL3239?

High voltage resistant wire using high voltage resistant silicone rubber material as insulating layer.
UL3239 is the most common type of silicone high-voltage wire, which refers to a high-voltage wire that uses high-voltage silicone rubber material as an insulating layer.
UL3239 silicone high-voltage wire not only has high pressure resistance, but also has excellent performance of high temperature and low temperature.
Silicone high-voltage lines are widely used in high-temperature environments such as LCD TV high-voltage lines, household appliances, lighting fixtures, aviation fields, and electric heating products.
The rated temperature of UL3239 silicone wire is relatively high, basically up to 150℃~300℃, and the rated voltage can reach about 3KV-200KV. Silicone rubber is used as the insulating material, and the insulation thickness is uniform, which is convenient for peeling and cutting. The brand manufacturer Yuezhen Wire UL3239 For example: the rated temperature is 150℃, and the rated voltage is 3KV-50KV DC voltage;
◆ Standard: UL758, UL1581
◆ Conductor use 28-10AWG single or stranded bare copper or tinned copper wire
◆ Silicone rubber insulation
◆ Uniform insulation thickness, easy to peel and cut
◆Pass the FT2 horizontal combustion test application:

It is used for internal connection lines of electronic and electrical equipment, such as motors.

UL 3239 High Voltage Silicone Rubber Single Core Cable

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