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  • What Is Fire Resistant Cable (FRC)


  • Fire Cable Types,Fire Resistant cable,Fire Alarm cable,Fire Retardant cable,


  • Fire Alarm Cable Types,Power limited Fire Alarm Cables,Non-Power Limited Fire Alarm Cables


  • A:There are five basic types of Fire Alarm Cable:
    FPL - Power Limited General Purpose
    FPLR - Power Limited Suitable from Floor to Floor
    FPLP - Power Limited Suitable for use in Ducts, Plenums, and other spaces
    NPLF - Non-Power Limited General Purpose
    NPLFP - Non-Power Limited Suitable for use in Ducts, Plenums, and other spaces

  • A:Now the entire construction industry is particularly focused on fire safety right now, and electricians installing cable have a very important role to play. Use standard PVC cable by mistake, for example, and it will release thick black smoke and toxic gases when reacting to fire – a potentially life-threatening error.Smoke and fumes can be more of hazard than flame in the early stages of a fire when occupants are trying to escape – particularly in a public building, such as an airport, train station or hospital, where people may not be familiar with the layout of the building or the position of exits.

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