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What is Schuko Plug?


The term schuko is basically referred to as a system of AC power supply and sockets. We can call it simply a safety contact. Here we will discuss about schuko plug only. If we go into the brief history of Shuko plug then we will come to know that this plug was firstly designed in Germany after the World War 2 shortly. Then it goes back to a patent (DE 370538) approved in 1926 to Albert Büttner, a Bavarian manufacturer of electrical equipment.


Technical Information About Schuko Plug:

A Schuko plug is composed of two round pins of 4.8 mm diameter (19 mm long, centers 19 mm apart) to be used for the line and neutral contacts, while two flat contact areas on the top and bottom side of the plug for defensive earth (ground). The other part, socket which is often, in error, has a primarily circular recess which is 17.5 mm deep comprises of two symmetrical round shaped holes and two earthing clips on the sides of the socket located to make sure that the earth is always involved before live pin contact has been made.

Schuko plugs and sockets are basically symmetric AC connectors. They can be coupled in two ways, therefore line can be joined to either pin of the application plug. There are various types of schuko plugs, these plugs are categorized by earth clips, rather than by earth pin. The standard, often specified as 'Schuko' is accepted by a huge number of central European countries because these Schuko plugs are considered to be very safe design when normally used with Schuko sockets, but on coupling with the other types of schuko sokets they can produce an insecure result.