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How to install and check the multi core cable


After the welding of all multi core cable is completed, wrap the ends of spare wires with heat shrinkable sleeves. Then tighten the tail cover of the electrical connector, fix the top from the screw, wrap the compression ring on the cable surface with insulating tape, pull out the shielding layer of the core wire and connect it with a screw on the compression ring. After connection, tighten and fix the screws at both ends of the compression ring. After the tail cover of the electrical connector is installed, connect and fix it with the cable, Keep stable. During installation, if the outer diameter of the cable is too small and the range of the tail cover of the electrical connector is large, the tail cover can not fix the cable well, select a suitable heat shrinkable sleeve and place it at the tail of the tail cover. After wrapping, shrink the identification of the cable to the tail of the electrical connector. In this process, pay attention to that the identification of the cable is consistent with the position of the electrical connector. After the installation of multi-core cable, the cable shall be inspected. In the process of inspection, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the previously designed drawings and process requirements. When inspecting the cable, it is mainly to check the model, length, insulation and performance of the cable