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What Is Fire Resistant Cable (FRC)


What Is Fire Resistant Cable (FRC)

When it comes to selecting the wiring systems of all industrial, residential or commercial buildings it becomes more than ever important for owners and authorities to choose the proper cables for their applications.

Fire resistant cables maintain circuit integrity and continue to work for a specified time under defined conditions without the interruption of the electric power transfer. Fire resistant cables continue to operate in the presence of a fire and are commonly referred to as circuit integrity cables. This is significant for the critical circuits required for life safety or a safe and immediate plant shut down.

These cables are ideal for use in environments where high performance, reliability, and protection of life and equipment are required. Applications for cable are virtually endless. The advantages of this product make it an ideal candidate for use in a broad range of applications including:

· Houses, multi-story buildings, stores, shops, hotels, theaters, cinemas, schools, hospitals, airports, etc.

· Fire warning plants, alarm systems, ventilation system, escalators, lifts, safety lights, operation and intensive stations, maintenance equipment.

· Underground railways and other railway plants

. Power stations and industrial plants with high valuable machines and materials or risky potentials

. Emergency power supply works

Fire Resistant Cables have the following features, advantages & benefits:


· Zero Halogen content

. Low smoke production

· Highly flame-retardant

· Excellent electrical properties

· Excellent mechanical properties


· When burned - very low smoke production & non-corrosive

· No thermoplastic dripping

· Low toxicity

· Good moisture and fluid resistance, flexible superior cut-through, crush and abrasion resistance and slick finish - low coefficient of friction


. Reduced vision impairing smoke, no harm to individuals from halogenated acid gases, no harm to electrical & electronic equipment from halogenated acid gases

· Reduced Flame propagation

Good electrical insulator dependable long-term performance

· Can be used in a broad range of demanding applications, easy to bend and install

· Good for use in harsh environments & easy to pull