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Fire Cable Types


Fire Cable Types

When it comes to selecting the wiring systems of all industrial, residential or commercial buildings it becomes more than ever important for owners and authorities to choose the proper cables for their applications.

(1.)Fire Resistant cable:

Fire resistant cables are top-performance cables designed to keep functioning during a fire, under defined conditions.  

• Unarmored Multi-Core

• Armored Multi-Core

• Unarmored Multi-Pair

• Armored Multi-Pair

• Unarmored Multi-Triple

• Armored Multi-Triple

(2.)Fire Retardant cable
Specialist cables designed to resist the spread of a fire. 

(3.)Fire Alarm cable

Fire alarm cables are used to transmit signals to alarm sounders, horns, strobes and other remote signaling equipment.  

• Stranded Multi-Core Unscreened

• Stranded Multi-Core Screened

• Solid Multi-Core

• Flexible Multi-Core