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In cold winter, what method can prevent wire and cable from freezing

It is cold and snowy in winter, especially in the north. The wires and cables are overhead outdoors, and the surface is easy to be covered with snow and ice. When the weight of ice exceeds the bearing capacity of wires and cables, it is easy to cause the cable to pull the transmission tower to, or pull the pole to, and the cable itself will break. So how to avoid the above situation? Let's take a look at it!

1、 Apply antifreeze coating on wires and cables. The so-called antifreeze coating is actually a kind of high-temperature heat insulation coating or reflective heat insulation coating. The purpose is to achieve the purpose of antifreeze through heat preservation. In addition, it has the functions of waterproof, anticorrosion, moistureproof, crack proof, fireproof and insulation.

2、 In the selection of materials, attention should be paid to the selection of cables that can resist the cold. As the ice and snow fall on the cable and in the gap between the cables, the center of gravity of the cable is easy to shift to the part with snow, which produces a force to make the cable rotate, and the snowball will roll and grow bigger and bigger, and finally break down. Therefore, the cable rotation is the main cause of icing.

If the cable is a hard conductor, when the snow accumulation enough, not easy to produce torsion, snow will automatically fall from the wire. At the same time, due to the hardness and density of the cable, when the snow gradually solidifies to the ice, it will break up automatically to a certain extent.

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