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What makes up the cost of a cable?


What makes up the cost of a cable?

The cost of cable is an important aspect to be considered when planning commercial or industrial projects. Knowing the factors that impact the cost of cable is critical as it allows you to understand the structure behind the cost and choose the best option from the market.

Evaluating cost-efficiency is important in every industry, and the cable industry is not an exception. Cables are considered valuable assets and their impact on the total cost of a project is an essential factor to consider when planning your requirements, whether commercial or industrial.

Obtaining the best quality cable at the lowest cost is always a key priority. To better understand what makes the cost of a cable, it is essential to break it down into its parts, as well as the manufacturing processing, as follows:


> Raw materials

> Processing or manufacturing

> Scrap

> Packing

> Testing

> Overheads

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