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FAQS about CPR Cable


1.How does the CPR impact you ?

2.What are Notified Bodies?

3.Do importers need to get a parallel classification reports or certificates for the products marked under their own brands ?

4.What is a Declaration of Performance(DoP) ?

5.What information will be declared CE mark ?

1.How does the CPR impact you?

(1) If you are a distributor/wholesaler:

        You have some obligations under the CPR:

• You play a key role in the traceability in the supply chain and must know which specific product you have sold to which customer.

• You should ensure that the product is compliant with CPR, make sure the products has a DoP, correctly CE marked and the information is available to the customer when making a sale and for then years thereafter.

• You must take corrective measures when necessary, and cooperate with any requests from authorities. When a distributor place a product on the market under its own trade name, or modifies a product in any way, the distributor is then viewed as the manufacturer.

(2) If you are an importers:  (import a cable from outside the EU)

• If the importer markets the cable under your own name and brand, you will per definition be the manufacturer (in relation to CE marking and EU directives/regulations) and will therefore also have the same responsibilities as the original manufacturer. Therefore, the importer needs to make sure the products are CPR complaint and with correct CE labeling and also with a DoP Declaration.

• You should mark the cable with your own details. Should any question subsequently arise as to whether the cable performs to the appropriate standard, the liability will rest with the importer.  

(3) If you are manufacturers: 

       Most of the new obligations under the CPR fall on manufacturers. 

• You will need to provide qualified cable which can meet CPR regulations.

• You should issue a DoP document which record the manufacturer, cable identification, evaluation system used, applicable standard, CPR certification body and performance of the product. 

• You should make sure correct CE marked on the cables.

2.What are Notified Bodies?

A notified body is an independent, third-party body recognized by the European Union. CPR includes three types of notified bodies: product certification body, factory production control certification body and a testing laboratory.

3.Do importers need to get a parallel classification reports or certificates for the products marked under their own brands ? 

(1) If the cable is type tested under AVCP system 3 (Eca and Dca products), it is no problem that importers do not have the documents under their own name – as long as they can document that the cable has been tested by notified testing laboratory, and have ensured that the manufacturer has an FPC system in accordance with EN 50575 so that the essential characteristics are maintained (constancy of performance).


If the importer has multiple suppliers for the given type of cable, he has to add some kind of marking/code to be able to identify the actual manufacturer and to link it to the right classification report. There is no requirement for the syntax/type of code to use – it is up to the importer to decide and to manage (it is under his full responsibility that the applicable assessment procedure has been followed and completed, and that the required technical documentation /technical file is available.


(2) If the product is to be marketed as Class Cca and B2ca, he must follow AVCP system 1+, and in this case he shall have a product certificate (Certificate of Constancy of Performance) issued by a notified body in his own name.

This CCP further shall include information about the manufacturing plant;

4.What is a Declaration of Performance(DoP) ?

The DoP must be drawn up by the manufacturer, who then assumes responsibility for the conformity of the product with the declared performance. The product type must be identified by a unique identification code and defined in relation to performance classes (Euroclasses) in EN50575. CE marking may not be applied unless a DOP is available

The Declaration of performance must show

1. Declaration of performance number

2. Unique identification code of the product-type

3. Intended use

4. Manufacturer

5. Authorised representative

6. System/s of AVCP

7. Harmonised standard & Notified body

8. European Assessment Document/European Technical Assessment/Technical Assessment Body/Notified body

9. Declared performance

5.What information will be declared CE mark ?

The new CE label should be applied to the cable packaging and must show:

1.  Identification number of the testing body

2.  Name and address of the manufacturer

3. The year cable first put on the market

4. The DOP reference number

5.  The declared euroclass reference

6.  The European product standard

7.  Declared euroclass performance

8.  A unique identification code

9.  Intended use of the product

This is much more information than appears on many products currently available in the market and makes it harder to sell sub standard cables.



6.What is the main standard and test method?

The main standard

       EN 50575 Power,control and  communication  Cables-Cables  general  applications in construction  works subject  to reaction to fire requirements.

       EN  13501-6 Fire classification  of construction  products  and  building elements-Part 6:Classification using test data from reaction to fire tests.

       PD CLC/TS 50576 Electric cables-Extended  application  of test results.

Test methods 

       EN 50399

       EN 60332-1-2 

       EN 61034-2

       EN 60754-2(contains all the information previously contained in EN 50267-2-3)
       EN ISO 1716 

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