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The manufacturing process of the multi core cable


The steps in the manufacturing process of multi-core cable mainly include the following parts:

(1) intercept the multi-core cable length. After analyzing the manufacturing requirements of the cable, first, carefully check the manufacturing drawings, determine the cable according to the required model, and then intercept the length according to the demand. 

(2) Pre treat the multi-core cable. After the length of the cable is intercepted, a test shall be conducted to ensure that the tail cover of the electrical connector can pass through the cable. After determination, the stripping length of the surface layer of the cable shall be determined according to the length of the tail cover. Here, it shall be noted that the arc top shall be on the insulating layer of the cable as far as possible, so as to effectively avoid stress on the core wire. If the tail cover cannot pass through the cable, the outer insulating skin of the cable shall be cut symmetrically from both sides and turned out, and then bound with binding tape to ensure that the tail cover can pass through the cable.

(3) Treat the shielding layer of the multi-core cable. Due to the actual needs, the shielded conductor is generally used as the core wire of the multi-core cable. In the process of processing, a core wire is usually reserved to connect with the shell of the electrical connector. 

(4) Identification of the multi-core cable. Identification mainly includes cable identification and core identification. When determining the cable identification, first select the appropriate sleeve according to the outer diameter of the cable, and then mark the sleeve; When determining the core wire identification, the sleeve shall be determined according to the thickness of the core wire and the size of the welding cup. After the identification is determined, the identification shall be driven in. After the identification of the cable is driven in, a transparent heat shrinkable sleeve shall be sleeved in the outer layer, which is conducive to the preservation of the identification and avoid blurring or disappearance of the identification due to some reasons after use for a period of time, which is not conducive to the follow-up work. 

(5) Pretreat the core wire of the multi core cable. On the basis that the cable core is stripped, the stripping length of the core insulation skin is determined according to the length of the welding cup in the connector. The tool usually used in the stripping process is stripping pliers, but the conductor shall be avoided from being damaged in the stripping process, and the core shall be inspected in time after stripping to ensure the gloss of the core. After these procedures are completed, the cable can be tinned, but it is necessary to ensure that the time is accurate, so as to ensure the quality of the cable.

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