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What is VDE certificate

VDE directly participates in the formulation of German national standards. It is one of the most experienced certification bodies in Europe and enjoys a high reputation in the world. It completes a total of 18000 certification projects for nearly 2200 German enterprises and 2700 customers in other countries every year. So far, 200000 kinds of electrical products in nearly 50 countries have obtained the VDE mark.

VDE testing and Certification Institute, located in Offenbach, Germany, is a research institute affiliated to the German Institute of Electrical Engineers (VDE). It was established in 1893. As a neutral and independent organization, VDE's laboratory inspects and certifies electrical products according to German VDE national standards, European EN standards or IEC International Electrotechnical Commission standards. In many countries, VDE certification mark is even more famous than domestic certification mark, especially recognized and valued by importers and exporters.