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The difference between multi-core and single core cables

The difference between multi core and single core cables is: different conductors, different circuit capacities, and different safety.
1. Different conductors
1. Multi core cable: The multi-core cable has multiple conductors in one insulating layer.
2. Single core cable: The single-core cable has only one conductor in one insulating layer.

Second, the circuit capacity is different
1. Multi-core cable: the same cross-section, the rated current carrying capacity of the multi-core cable is greater than that of the single-core cable.
2. Single-core cable: For the same section, the rated current-carrying capacity of the single-core cable is less than that of the multi-core cable.

3. Different security
1. Multi core cables: Under the same load or short circuit, the heat generation of multi-core cables is greater than that of single-core cables, which is more dangerous to use.

2. Single core cable: Under the same load or short circuit, the heat generation of single-core cable is smaller than that of multi-core cable, and it is safer to use.

Single Core Cable

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