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Three Advantages of Copper Wire


Copper is an excellent conductor to transmit electric power and for manufacturing cables. It is used in manufacturing electrical wires because of its high electrical and thermal conductivity.High conductivity and low resistivity are essential when transferring electrical power. 

copper has a higher melting point than aluminum and are tougher to counter short circuit. It is also stronger and less flexible because of its high density compared to aluminum. 

Here are three advantages of copper wire in making safer and effective cables:

Flexible Metal:

Because copper is a flexible metal, it can be stretched without breaking or weakening it. This feature is essential when it comes to taking wires out of any metal.

High-Temperature Tolerance:

Copper wire can endure the continuous change in high-tension electric lines' temperature, making it more durable.

Excellent Conductor of Electricity:

Copper wires can carry more electric current per diameter of the wire. These wires use less electrical charges when an electric current passes through them compared to other wires.