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Where are fire alarm cables used

Where are fire alarm cables used?
Public buildings: high-rise buildings, underground buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, business centers, government affairs centers, department stores, large supermarkets, logistics warehouses, banking, securities and insurance financial institutions, post and telecommunications centers, power control rooms, substations, museums , Memorials and other historical buildings.
Infrastructure: Airport terminals, stations, hubs, ports, subway systems, bridges, tunnels.
Industrial fields: coal mining, coal chemical industry, oil field mining, petrochemical industry, oil refinery, metallurgical industry, steel industry, shipbuilding industry, aerospace, power industry, pharmaceutical industry, glass industry, paper industry, military system, nuclear industry.

Fire-proof, explosion-proof, and high-temperature places: oil depots and gas stations, natural gas transmission and compression stations, gardens and landscapes, historical sites, wooden structures.

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