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The development trend of the fire alarm cable

1、 (fire alarm cable)Product technology has entered the era of standardization, and there are rules and laws to follow for fire prevention and flame retardant
The wire and cable industry is the second largest industry in China after the automobile industry, with product variety satisfaction rate and domestic market share of more than 90%. As one of the most important cable product R & D and production bases in the world, China has flame retardant and fire resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, low inductance and low noise, green environmental protection, low smoke and halogen-free, ant and rat resistance A series of cable products with unique performance and special structure, such as waterproof and moisture-proof, have formed a certain productivity. With the continuous improvement of social requirements for security and system security, through the extensive publicity, promotion and cooperation of the government, industry and enterprises, special cable products with high performance, high efficiency and security will be widely used in all walks of life as in western developed countries.

(fire alarm cable)Industry standards are the basis of industry and enterprise development, and product technical standards are an effective guarantee for product quality. With the increasing development and maturity of China's wiring industry, the national competent authorities are vigorously promoting the standardization construction of the wiring industry. At present, the formulation of technical standards for fireproof and flame retardant cables has been included in the work plan of the next stage. With the joint efforts of the government, industry and enterprises, there will be rules to follow and laws to follow in the production and quality assurance of fireproof and flame retardant cables, and the technology and application of fireproof and flame retardant cables will move rapidly towards a more reliable and professional field.

2、 (fire alarm cable)Fire prevention and flame retardancy continue to rise, leading enterprises emerge and occupy the mainstream market
China's generic cabling industry has grown in competition and has formed a certain scale after decades of development. Under the promotion of global economic integration, leading enterprises among different products in the industry will inevitably appear, and the industrial concentration will continue to improve. Only when there is industrial concentration and leading enterprises in the industry can the industry establish and form a common development concept. Only by considering the most basic survival, can enterprises enter the most important perspective of promoting the healthy development of the industry, such as scientific management, core technology and core products, so as to avoid low-quality and low-end unfair competition. The chaotic competition of cable manufacturers, large and small, good and bad, and some manufacturers in the industry who lack technical strength and capital scale will gradually end the vicious competition for local interests and immediate survival.

(fire alarm cable)At present, the leading enterprises in the domestic fire and flame retardant industry have begun to show signs. The domestic fire and flame retardant cable market has formed a number of mainstream enterprises. These enterprises, through continuous product extension and channel expansion, through continuous improvement of enterprise management and team construction, whether in the influence of brand or the overall improvement of product quality The standard of service has been more and more accepted and affirmed by the industry and users. I believe that with the continuous improvement of industrial concentration and the continuous expansion of the production scale of such enterprises, the productivity generated by large-scale will be fully reflected in the market, and cost-effective products and standardized services will occupy the vast majority of the cable market share.